What is MadCon?

MadCon is a gathering of friends to play board games.

Where is MadCon?

This year we’re based in the Wil-Mar Neighborhood Center (Who are currently renting 931 E. Main Street, #10, about 4 blocks from their main location) located in the beautiful Marquette neighborhood on the Isthmus in Madison, Wisconsin.


When is MadCon?

MadCon will be from 9AM to 12AM Friday, July 5th and from 9AM to 11PM Saturday, July 6th. Every morning at 9:30 we’ll gather at the center for a quick meeting. This is a time to connect and for anyone to quickly present on any games they hope to play at the Con. The rest of the time is spent gaming and socializing. We don’t currently have any scheduled sessions. However, if you want to host one please reach out and we’ll add it to the calendar. Our goal is to make the space and time for some memorable and excellent board gaming.

How much does MadCon cost?

This year tickets are $10 per person, due when you arrive at the Con. Ticket price helps cover the cost of renting the space, badges and two days of gaming. We’ll accept donations during the event to help cover the cost of snacks and other amenities. Donations of time and food are also welcomed.

How do I find MadCon?

Due to renovations we will no longer be in the Wil-Mar center building. Instead we will be in a venue they have rented for the summer. The venue is at 931 E. Main Street, #10, the same building as The Old Sugar Distillery. The building takes up most of the block, so please enter on the Brearly St side. We will have signage up to help guide you.

How should I behave at MadCon?

MadCon is an inclusive community that welcomes members from all backgrounds. We ask that you please treat folks the way they’d like to be treated. In the spirit of Gen-Con, the national gaming conference held each year in Indianapolis, we ask that you:

Be Safe—help each other keep a safe environment;

Play Nice—respect the physical and social boundaries of others;

Have Fun—makes new friends and play some games.

Where can I sign up for MadCon?

Register here

How can I donate to support MadCon?

Square Cash: https://cash.me/$MischaLewisNorelle

Venmo: https://venmo.com/Mischa-Lewis-Norelle